There many and varied ways that one can assist Messiah Lutheran Church with enhancing our Worship Services.  If you are looking to assist, the coordinators listed here will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We have provided their contact information by phone and email. Please feel free to reach out to them. Better still, if you see them at Worship spend a moment chatting with them about where it is you would like to serve.

Our worship volunteers are scheduled using software provided by www.whentohelp.com. We thank them for allowing us to use the system free of charge. If you need to schedule volunteers on a regular basis, take a look at what they have to offer. 

Altar Guild - Saturday
Altar Guild - Sundays
Assisting Ministers
Chancel Choir
Communion Assistants
Count Offerings

Discovery Newsletter
Evensong Singers
Greeters (Saturday)
Greeters (Sunday)


Hymn Selection Committee

Lectors (Saturday)

Lectors (8:00 am / 9:30 am) Sunday

Lectors (11:00 am) Sunday

Liturgical Dance Ensemble
Messiah Motet Choir
Office Helpers

Prayer Chaplaians
SonRise Singers
Stephen Ministry
Ushers (Saturday)
Ushers (8:00 am / 9:30 am) Sunday
Ushers (11:00 am in season) Sunday