Memorial Garden

Messiah Lutheran Church Memorial Garden

Our Memorial Garden is intended as the final resting place for the cremated remains (cremains) of our members. The names on the memorial stones are those of individuals who will be cremated and interred here, or whose cremains are already here. There are a few exceptions. Some of our members were buried in other locations on church property before the Memorial Garden was a reality. A few names represent deceased individuals who are buried elsewhere, but other members of family are interred in the garden.

Only cremains are allowed in the Memorial Garden, which means that no containers are allowed. Donations or memorials are welcomed to the Memorial Garden Fund to provide for maintenance and expansion.

Our parish office will assist you in arranging for the interment of your loved ones in our Memorial Garden. Upon contacting the office and arranging for a meeting time, you will be invited to view the memorial garden to select your space. Each individual is interred in a one square foot section of the garden. It is possible to arrange to have two individuals interred side by side, either horizontally or vertically. At the time of the interment, a graveside Rite of Committal is conducted by a member of the pastoral team. At the appropriate time during the rite, ashes are carefully and lovingly placed in the earth in the space that was reserved. A family member or friend, or the pastoral team may perform the actual placement of cremains into the bare earth.

As of October 1, 2019, the fee per individual is $550.00, which covers the costs of engraving the name, date of birth and date of passing to the Church Triumphant, as well as perpetual care of the Memorial Garden grounds. If you are pre-planning your final affairs, the option of having a name carved with only the date of birth is available. If names are carved prior to interment, the date of passing to the Church Triumphant will be added at the next availble opportunity. The choice is yours to make. Please note that there is currently only one firm in the State of Florida which will come to our Memorial Garden and do the carving of the names on-site. This can lead to a delay in the carving of the names. We do try to have the company here once per year, but it depends on their ability to schedule several sites on the one day here in Southwest Florida to make the journey feasible.

In order to arrange for interment in the Memorial Garden, you will need to contact the parish office, 239-995-0133.

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