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John Eaglesfield

John Eaglesfield is originally from Indiana and attended Indiana University where he found a love for singing and was in the Madrigal Singers. He has three children and four grandchildren scattered across the USA. He has experience in the banking and marketing industries. His one claim to fame is being the 150th Indiana State Fair watermelon seed spitting champion at 33ft 9in and has a ribbon to prove it. He and Valerie are “internet pioneers” in that they met on the internet playing in a card game room, fell in love, and got married and have been happily together since 2007. They have a heart for those in need, running a Group Work Camp in Indianapolis through Resurrection Lutheran Church, where 350 teens came and helped elderly homeowners with home repairs. They have also managed the Wednesday Outreach at All Souls Episcopal in NFM for over two years. They figured out a while ago that the more you freely give, the more unexpected blessings you receive.