Fools for Christ Clown Ministry

Advisor:  Chris Seeke

Clown Ministry News

On February 10, 2018 Messiahs Clown Ministry Troupe Fools for Christ went to Faith Lutheran Church in Lehigh Acres. We arrived at Faith around 3:00 P.M.  We prepared the church for a rehearsal and for Sunday's clown service. After dinner, we went back to Faith for a lock-in. We met three of Faith’s youth who are also going to the Gathering in Houston. We played some fun games and got to know each other a little. At nine two of Faith’s youth went home but one Brain stayed with us for the Lock-in. We had a meaningful discussion in our devotion about Lent. We were in bed by 10:45 P.M. and all was very quiet. I was amazed at how well everyone was about going to bed.

We woke up at 7:30 A.M Sunday. After breakfast, we began to put on put make up for our Service of Mime and Celebration. The presentation was very warmly received by Faith. The sermon “Homeless” brought many to tears. The Holy Spirit was leading us to touch the people of Faith in a way that I felt surprised and enlightened them. This was our first bilingual clown service. The signs we use for each part of the service were in English but were placed on a screen in Spanish. The sermon verses were read in English and Spanish. The words of institution were said in Spanish and English. It was truly a beautiful service.

The congregation was very complimentary and expressed how touched they were. We heard many times “You made me cry!” Great Job”, “Very well done,” and “Very inspirational”, just to name a few. One man came to me and said” I was apprehensive about clowns. I was not sure about it. I have heard the sermon verses about 400 hundred times and this time I really got something out of it. You made me cry. (Which in turn brought tears to both our eyes.) Great job. You did very well.” The youth did a superb job in presenting this service. I am truly proud of their dedication to sharing the gospel in a way that makes people see Jesus, feel the Holy Spirit and lets God love shine through to the congregation. Please thank Abbi Newsom, Jenna Waddell, Trace, Martin, Kyla Martin, Duff Wilcox, Robert Young, Raymond Snyder and Tyler Eastham when you see them. They are truly amazing young people. God has blessed our ministry beyond words.

I thank Jaycine Lester for driving, helping with breakfast, and her undying support. I thank Warren and Susan Hillbish for driving to Faith on Saturday. I thank Jessica Eastham for helping with the props, make-up, and the activities with the youth of Faith. I thank Brian and Jessica Eastham for driving us back to Messiah. Finally, I thank my brother Duff Wilcox for everything he did to help make this clown service one of our best. He is always supporting our ministry together in any way he can.


Chris Seeke

SR. Adviser

Messiah Clown Ministry



Clown Ministry News

On Oct 7 and 8 2017 Messiah’s Clown Ministry Troupe presented our service of Mime and Celebration. The youth did a fantastic job at each service. The sermon was The Rag Man by Walt Waggerin. This powerful sermon tells the story of a Rag Man in the inner city who sells rags. Yet this man does something quite different. He meets a weeping woman, a wounded boy, a one arm man, and a drunk. For each person, he takes their wounds upon himself and leaves them all healed. He then goes to the garbage pits and dies. But three days later he awakens and is totally healed. The Rag Man is symbolic of what Christ did for each of us.  If you were in Church you know exactly what I mean. If you were not able to attend you missed something unique and special. The youth worked very hard and I am extremely proud of them.

We heard many people say, “best service yet,” “the youth are getting better and better,” and of course “Good Job”. My personal favorite is “This is the happiest I have been in a long time leaving church”. Also, there was a woman who spoke to me after church who is a professional clown. She shared with the how well she liked the service and that she had never seen anything like it before. She loved the exaggeration, the music, and how well the youth did presenting the whole service.

After Saturdays service, we all went out to dinner. Then came back to The Family Life Center for a lock in. Before bed we had a devotion based on the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi. Except we learned the the prayer was not written by St Francis but was published by a French newspaper. It was published to help the troops during WW1. Eventually after WWII it became more widely know as the St Francis Prayer.  We talked about what each line of the prayer means and how it applied to the soldiers. Next, we looked at the prayer as it related to us today especially talking about the events in Las Vegas. Finally, we looked at how the prayer applies to our clown ministry and how it affects us as well as those who might be sitting in the congregations. It was a great discussion and wonderful way to end the night.

I wish to thank Jaycine Lester, Laurie Waddell, and Jessica Eastham, for all their help with our clown services and the clown ministry.  When you see the following youth please thank them for their devotion and hard work, Abbi Newsome, Raeanne Cosher, Raymond Snyder, Jenna Waddell, Tyler Eastham. Trace Martin, and Robert Young. I also wish to thank my brother Duff Wilcox for clowning around with us and for everything he does to help the youth and especially me.

Chris Seeke
Senior Youth Advisor