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About Clergy and Caffeine
September 5, 2018, 1:06 PM

When a new ministry generates conversation, the Holy Spirit may be actively at work!  Praise God!  There have been lots of question about "Clergy and Caffeine," and almost all of those questions center around people wanting to participate!  We can celebrate the curiosity!

Clergy and Caffeine is a small baby step in attempting to understand church as an event rather than a place.  The church takes place when people gather around the Word incarnated by the presence of Christ's body.  When we move around various coffee shops in our community, we make a witness to many different people that Messiah Lutheran is alive, active, and present.  We also support our local economy and bring some joy to others!  Our attitudes determine the joy we bring during the gathering, right?  We can be joyful!  And, we want to be respectful to local managements in not ‘ taking over’ one place every week.  We only ask that those attending make some type of purchase—even something very small.  If that is an issue, see me.  I will purchase something for you!

Clergy and Caffeine is a ministry that is intentionally informal (which is why we only meet in places where one can comfortably "pull up a chair and join in!")  Weekly attendance is not required, and you can stay for 10 minutes or an hour.  We limit the time to 60 minutes to be respectful of time. So, expect a traveling, informal ministry and allows one to come as they are, and plug in and out. Here is the new Wednesday schedule  (yes, Wednesday!) for the next coming weeks, meeting from 1pm-2pm.  


September 5:   Starbucks Coffee Company, 
                         2390 Surfside Blvd.  #101

September 12:  Daddy Dee's Ice Cream Parlor
                          13161 N. Cleveland Ave. #1
                          North Fort Myers

September 19:   Panera Bread
                          1830 NE Pine Island Road

September 26:   Tropical Smoothie Cafe
                          1751 NE Pine Island Road #160

Think of this pastor's office Hours-- outside the office.  I will be somewhere publically, and I invite you to be somewhere with me! Ultimately, wherever we are, we are ‘in Christ”.  Together, we will fellowship and tour our community in Christian love and witness.

Join me as you are able!

Pastor Rich